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How FACEing REALITY Changed this Beautiful Client's Life!

On February 8, 2019, my client, who had been suffering with acne since she was 13, came in for a Face Reality consultation.  She had tried everything, all different kinds of products that promised her clear, smooth, blemish-free skin; she even saw a dermatologist regularly for over a year and followed all of their advice and protocols.   Nothing worked.

Well, she decided to give Face Reality a try.  Alexandra's results have been awesome!  Within a month she could really see a difference in her skin, so that success made it that much easier for her to stay on the program.  She followed her home care routine diligently and came in every two weeks for her facial treatment.  At each appointment we would go over her home care protocol and tweak it so that her skin would keep being challenged to clear.  On June 17, 2019 I received this heartfelt message from her and I just have to share! 

     "This is me not wearing one bit of makeup and feeling completely confident!!!!  I have struggled for 15 years with acne, from ages 13 to 28.  I started using Face Reality products this February and have been receiving regular facials from Ira since then.  I have now been acne-free for the last month!!!  

     I cannot even describe how it feels to be able to feel confident in my own skin.  I used to never leave the house without foundation.  Now I have to look closely because I often can't remember if I put makeup on or not, and I can't even tell the difference!!  I am loving my soft, smooth, blemish-free face!  

     The Face Reality Acne Program has literally changed my life!  I have tried every acne product there is, even those prescribed by a dermatologist, and this is the only regimen that has brought me lasting results, or results period!  I will be a Face Reality client for life!"

If you have a similar story, maybe it's time for YOU to Face Reality!  Book your appointment at The Facial Studio by Ira and begin your journey to a blemish-free complexion!

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